How to use

This search tool finds courses for all programmes of all FH JOANNEUM locations, that contain the given search terms. You can search for speakers, places, rooms, course titles, years, groups and date/time.
The search terms are concatenated using AND. You can exclude special search terms by prefixing them with a minus, e.g. MAut1 -Radeke (displays all "Multimedia Authoring 1" courses that are not being held by Thomas Radeke).

Refine your search

In the result table, some terms can be added to your current search by clicking them. This is a very easy way to display just one distinct year, group, speaker etc.

iCalendar subscription

All search results can be used as iCalendar subscription. Just click the Subscribe to these results as iCalendar link on the results page.

Cookie and Privacy Notice

This site uses a cookie to remember your language preference. The information of that cookie is not going anywhere else. Likewise, anything you type into the search box is only used to provide a search result or subscription and will not be given to third parties.


Operators are keywords that change the search mode. To use them, write your search phrase directly after an operator, e.g. course:IND. The following operators are defined:

title: Only searches inside the title of a class, e.g.title:PA1
group: Only searches inside group names, e.g. group:GA
course: Only searches inside programme/course titles, e.g. course:IND
year: Only searches for a special year, e.g. year:2008
speaker: Only searches for a special speaker, e.g. speaker:Radeke
date: Seaches for date in the format YYYYMMTT, e.g. date:20081129
time: Only searches for events starting at the specified time (HHMM), e.g. time:1030
location: Only searches inside the location, e.g. location:Studio

Prefixing a search phrase with a minus exludes all matches from the search results. Example: -group:GA

Students can display their personal timetable like this:

ind14 -group:ga -group:gc (IND 2014, group B)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is responsible for this tool?

A: Thomas Radeke from Information Design wrote and maintains this tool in his spare time. It's an inofficial service to all students and employees at the FH JOANNEUM. The Central IT department has nothing to do with this.

Q: My Google Calendar subscription stopped working, re-adding the subscription URL doesn't work. What's wrong?

A: For (yet) unknown reasons, subscriptions might stop working suddenly on Google Calendar. Additionally, Google Calendar uses heavy caching on subscribed calendars. When you remove and re-add a subscription with the same URL, it will load up all of the old settings and data. To work around this, just add dummy data to the end of your subscription URL, like this:

This will convince Google Calendar that your subscription URL is "new".