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On all locations of the FH JOANNEUM, Internet and intranet access is being provided by a protected wireless LAN. The intranet can be accessed using your Windows username and password here: http://intranet.fh-joanneum.at

Setting up wireless access

General information

Logging into the WLAN should be possible using the the following data, regardless of your operating system - even with mobile devices.

  • SSID: wpa4fh
  • Protection: WPA-TKIP (Enterprise)
  • Authentication: IEEE 802.1x (PEAP/EAP-MSCHAP v2)
  • Certificate: Thawte Premium Server CA
  • username: (your Windows username)
  • password: (your Windows password)

Windows XP/Vista

Instructions for setting up the WLAN with Windows (PDF)

Mac OS X

Instructions for setting up the WLAN with Mac OS X (PDF - currently German only) (Many thanks to Martina Zohmann for providing this document.)


Current Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, do not contain the Thawte Premium Server CA certificate, but you can download it here: Thawte_Premium_Server_CA.zip

The great diversity of Linux distributions makes it hard to cover all user interface possibilities, but the data provided at the General information section should be enough to connect.