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The timetable for FH JOANNEUM programmes includes all courses, excercises, excursions and other events. The entries are split up into groups by event type. The timetable can be accessed at the following places:

All methods have advantages and disadvantages concerning their use.

Timetable Tool (web timetable)

The web-based Timetable Tool can be found at http://stundenplan.fh-joanneum.at and can display all events for all FH JOANNEUM programmes. For logging in, a "username" and "password" are required - enter the abbreviation of your programme here, e.g. ind and ind. When logged in, the year and week can be selected on the right-hand side. The Hilfe/Export link offers several options for exporting the timetable data into Microsoft Office compatible CSV files. These files are not compatible with the Mozilla calendar tools Sunbird and Lightning.

iCalendar timetable

In February 2008, Thomas Radeke wrote a PHP programme that enables users to use the timetable as iCalendar subscription. The tool, with detailed descriptions and examples, is available at http://almaty.fh-joanneum.at/stundenplan.


The generated iCalendar data is compatible and has been tested with the following applications:

Microsoft Office versions prior to 2007 are not iCalendar-2.0 compatible and, additionally, do not support calendar subscriptions, only imports - which usually result in a bad mess and are not recommended.