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All FH JOANNEUM students (except those who are incoming) receive a student ID card at the start of their studies. The ID card is made of plastic and displays a photo, your name and matriculation number. In case you did not receive one, ask for one in the secretary's office. Each semester, you will receive a new inscription sticker, which goes on the back of the card, from the secretary's office or your class representative. Without that sticker, the card is invalid - always make sure that the sticker date has not expired. See Student discount.

Do not bend the card - it contains a RFID chip for opening doors, printing and copying, which might be destroyed by rude handling.

Apart from obvious identification reasons, the ID card also has other important functions, which will be explained in the following.

Building access

The ID card gives you access to FH JOANNEUM buildings. Installed at almost every entrance, there is a small black box with a LED (green: door open, red: door electronically locked). To open a door, hold your card close to the box until it beeps once (and the light changes to green). If you cannot open a door, you might not have sufficient access rights or your card might be broken. Access rights are administered by Facility Management and restricted to your programme's building by default, e.g. IND, AMD and MID students can only access the Alte Poststraße 152 (blue building). Some rooms have extra security, for example IND's Atelier. From the inside, locked doors can be opened by pressing the red door button.

Printing and copying

The ID card can be charged with money at special stations, which then can be used to make prints and copies. Also see Printing and Copying.

Charging the ID card

There is a terminal in the foyer of the red building, at which you can charge money onto your ID card. Just put your card into the machine and follow the onscreen instructions.

You cannot use coins for charging - bills only.

Student discount

Many public and private institutions offer a discount for students. Show your card to claim the discount (if any). Always make sure your inscription sticker date has not expired.

Also see: Student discount