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Several printers are distributed around the locations of the FH JOANNEUM, many of which are usable for students. The prepaid printing system at the FH JOANNEUM is connected to the student ID card.

Finding a printer

If you are searching for a printer nearby, you can lookup printers in the Windows serverlist on \\waterloo. Installing that printer on Windows is as easy as doubleclicking it. If you already know which printer you want to use, you can note down its name from a label on the device, e.g. GKOPD111. This name is being used in all operating systems to identify the printer.

Installing a printer in your operating system

A printer has to be installed in your operating system before it can be used. Different operating systems provide different methods to connect to printers in the local area network.

For the next steps, you must be connected to the local network (via VPN client or wifi).


  1. Click "Start", "Run..."
  2. Enter \\waterloo, click OK
  3. Search desired printer
  4. Doubleclick that printer

After these steps, the printer should be installed and ready to print.

Also see: Print server

Mac OS X

Mac OS X from 10.4 uses CUPS for printing. Hardware support is comparable to the Linux/Unix version.

In the course of the installation, you need to authenticate via the "root" user, which is deactivated by default and +needs to be activated first:

  1. Run Applications/Utilities/Directory
  2. Click the lock to enable changes & enter your admin password
  3. Menu: Edit, Enable Root User
  4. Enter a new password and note it down - you will need it later
  5. Finished

The above procedure only needs to be done once. When this is done, the following steps add a printer:

  1. Open a web browser and enter this URL:
  2. Add printer
  3. Fill in the fields for Name, Location and Description as you like. Example: Name: GKOPD111, Location: AP152, 3rd floor, Description: GKOPD111, B/W. When finished, Continue
  4. Select Windows Printer via SAMBA from the list, Continue
  5. Device URI: smb://printserver-IP/printer_name, e.g. smb://, Continue
  6. Select a suitable printer type or a printer description file (PPD - see below)
  7. At this point, CUPS asks for a password. Enter root as user and the password you've chosen earlier.
  8. The printer should now be in your printer list.
  9. The log-in on the print server happens with your first printout. After sending the print job, go to the printer queue and click the Continue button. The print server will ask for user & password.
  10. User: TECHNIKUM\Username (your Windows username) + your password
  11. Retrieve your printouts.

Printer description files (PPDs)

These PPD files are needed for installing a printer. Save them by right-clicking the links and choosing Save target as....

Notice: These PPDs have been reported to be compatible to Snow Leopard.


These instructions are for Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

  1. Menu System: System settings, Printing
  2. New printer, Windows Printer via SAMBA
  3. Printer address: smb://technikum/waterloo/printer_name (e.g. smb://technikum/waterloo/GKOPD111)
  4. Authentification: Windows username & password
  5. Select printer type - if unknown, select the empty top row on the left, then Generic PostScript Printer on the right
  6. Finished


After sending a print job to the queue, you have to initiate the printing process by walking to the printer, then hold your ID card near the printer's RFID reader until it beeps. You are now logged in and your print jobs should start printing.

Important: After you're finished printing, hold your ID card near the RFID reader again to log out. If you forget this, other people will be able to make copies with your account (and money).