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Secretary's office

The secretary's office is the central place for errands and organisational questions. They also arrange meetings with the head of department. Additionally, they hand out forms and certificates, such as your reports and semester success confirmations.

Bulletin board

The bulletin board for IND, AMD and MID is located on the third floor of the Alte Poststraße 152 (blue building). The timetables as well as some exam results and general information are pinned there. You may occiasionally find job or appartement offers there.

Device rental office

The device rental office is located at the right wing, ground floor of Alte Poststraße 149 (red building). It is being run by Peter Majhenic and Stefanie Wöhrer. Here, students of IND, MID and AMD can rent various devices for project work. The inventary includes different digital cameras, DSLRs, mini-DV cams, tripods, spotlights, microphones, headphones, audio recorders and other photo, audio and video equipment. Note that some special devices are not for rental, but can be used in one of the studios.

Also see: Device rental inventary list


The workshop is located at the Automotive Engineering test facility, next to the blue building and directly opposite of the red building (right-hand corridor, left one of both doors). Access to the workshop is restricted to trained students, because the tools and machinery are dangerous.

Careful handling of foam leftovers is permitted. Foam leftovers may cause blood poisoning - do not hesitate to call an ambulance in case of injury!


The library is located at the first floor of the campus building. After you registered with the library, you can borrow books using your ID card. The exact conditions can be looked up at the official library website.


There are two FH JOANNEUM canteens in Graz:

A variety of sandwiches and dishes is available in both canteens, as well as two different lunch menus, including soup/dessert and salad, for the price of 4.70€ (varies). At the big canteen, a daily special meal is available in addition.

The big canteen offers a wider variety of food and drinks than the small one, which is why it is often too crowded to find a seat. The small canteen is located directly opposite of the blue building - much closer for IND, MID and AMD students.

Canteen vouchers

Administration offers a limited number of food vouchers to all students per semester, with a value of 1.10€. These can be used in both canteens and are usually distributed by your year representative. verteilt.

The studios

Each IND, MID and AMD have their own studios in the blue building:

  • IND: under the roof of the blue building (fourth floor)
  • AMD: the room directly at the stairs on the third floor
  • MID: room nr. 211 (second floor)

The studios serve as individual workplace for students. Unfortunately, things have been stolen from the IND atelier in the past, so students should pay extra attention to security.

Places to get food at

bof.at.tt has a list of shops and restaurants near the FH site. Users can comment on and rate entries.