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Heads of Department

Secretary's office

International Coordination & Performance Scholarship

If you want to participate in an exchange semester or want to apply for a performance scholarship, please contact Michaela Bernreiter, 3rd floor - room 317.

IT and Media

General IT support, user accounts, network, printing

Study Center:
+43 (316) 5453 8888
AP147 - Lobby

(IND, CMS, AUD) Emergency support, technical infrastructure, device rental, studios

Media Center:
+43 (316) 5453 8622
AP152 - 2nd floor - room 203

(IND, CMS, AUD) File & web server, IT coordination, management of computer hard- and software

Thomas Radeke:
+43 (316) 5453 8642
AP152 - 2nd floor - room 226
Notice: Thomas Radeke is NOT responsible for general IT support and has NO access to user account management! If you have trouble with your user account, please contact the IT Helpdesk instead (see above).

Acquisition of multimedia equipment (for the Media Center)

Christoph Neuhold:
+43 (316) 5453 8635
AP152 - 3rd floor - room 322