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How do I change my password?

Your Windows password can be changed in the following ways:

  • On any Windows computer up to 15 days before the password expires, while logging in
  • With Outlook Web Access, always (even when your password has expired)

Your password expires every 90 days. The last 15 days before expiration, you will receive a daily reminder mail. While logging into Windows on any computer, you will see another reminder that also gives you the opportunity to change your password.

Please read the official Password Guidelines article.

...when I'm not at the FH?

When you are not at one of the FH JOANNEUM locations, you can change your password via Outlook Web Access (OWA) only.

...after it has expired?

If your password has already expired, it can be changed with Outlook Web Access while logging in. If you have trouble changing your password with this method, please refer to the Password Guidelines - OWA will give you a rather meaningless error message if your password does not match the guidelines. Officially, this way of changing your password is only supported by Internet Explorer, but it has been reported to work with both Safari and Firefox as well.

How can I access the internet from my own computer?

  • Via ethernet - just connect to any ethernet port that carries a black dot (dynamic ethernet port - please read the configuration instructions there).
  • via wireless LAN (WPA-TKIP Enterprise) or
  • via wireless LAN without encryption + VPN client.

How do I check my e-mail?

See E-mail.

How do I access the intranet and servers from home?

Connect using a VPN client.

Where do I get...?


You can find numerous trial versions of many commercial tools at the network path \\metropolis\mediathek$\Exchange. Some freeware and open source software is available as well.


Video & photo cameras, tripods, lights, headphones and much more can be acquired at the device rental office.

Forms and documents

You can get all important administrative documents and forms at the secretary's office.


The library offers a comprehensive sortiment of books, magazines, papers and videos.

More information is available at the library website

How do I print something?

See Printing.