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Every student and employee at the FH JOANNEUM receives their own e-mail address upon joining. The address is usually structured like this:

  • Students: firstname.lastname.course_abbreviation@fh-joanneum.at (Example: john.doe.ind08@fh-joanneum.at)
  • Employees/teachers: firstname.lastname@fh-joanneum.at

Student mailboxes have the following limits:

  • 90 MB (warning)
  • 95 MB (cannot send mails)
  • 100 MB (mailbox locked)

When your mailbox is full (locked), you cannot receive new mails until you free up some space. When deleting old mails, make sure to check the Recycle Bin folder.

Accessing e-mail with external programs (POP3/IMAP)

You can use any POP3 or IMAP-capable mail application for reading your mail.

Notice: While you are connected to the FH network, you cannot send mails from non-FH JOANNEUM accounts. This is a measure to prevent spam being sent from malware-infected computers.

Use the following information to configure your e-mail client:

  • Mail server: mail.fh-joanneum.at
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Port: 995
  • Username: technikum\(your FH username)
  • Password: (your FH password)
  • Authentification method: normal password

SMTP - hints and settings

The FH JOANNEUM SMTP will not forward requests to external SMTPs to prevent spam. This means that sending mails from other SMTPs (e.g. GMX, GMail etc.) will not work, while you are connected to the FH network.

  • SMTP server: smtp.fh-joanneum.at
  • Port: 25 (default)
  • Use username and password: Yes (Your FH username. You will be asked for a password upon sending your first mail.)
  • Use secure authentification: Yes
  • Security: STARTTLS, if possible

Outlook Web Access

A web-based mail interface is located here:


  • Username: (your FH username)
  • Password: (your FH password)

Changing your password

In Outlook Web Access, on the top right, you will find the Optionen ("Options") button with the option Kennwort ändern ("Change password"). You will be able to change your password on the next page. Please regard the Password Guidelines.