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At the FH JOANNEUM, hundreds of students and staff share the same printers and copiers. To make printing easier, the printers are accessible over the network. And because you shouldn't have to install dozenzs of printers, most of them are accessible through a common printer queue, depending on your location:


  • Farbe: RIJEKA\GR_Kopierer_Color
  • S/W: RIJEKA\GR_Kopierer_SW


  • Farbe: SEVILLA\KB_Kopierer_Color
  • S/W: SEVILLA\KB_Kopierer_SW

Bad Gleichenberg

  • Farbe: BARCELONA\BG_Kopierer_Color
  • S/W: BARCELONA\BG_Kopierer_SW

The printing system is connected to your Student ID card. After sending a print job, you can select any printer you like (depending on your location) and get your print job sent there.

Before your very first print job

Before you can print or copy anything for the very first time, you have to log on to a printer. The device will then guide you through a login procedure to activate your student ID for printing.

Add printer


  1. Press the Windows key + R to open the "Run..." window (or select it from the start menu)
  2. Enter the name of the printer queue you want to add, e.g. \\rijeka\GR_Kopierer_Color.
  3. Press OK - your printer drivers should download and install automatically.

Mac OS X and Linux

On OS X and Linux, using the short server name (e.g. "rijeka") sometimes doesn't work. In that case you have to use the so-called "Fully Qualified Domain Name" (FQDN):

If you're not sure whether you have to use the FQDN or the short server name, you can test it by entering the following in a Terminal:

ping -c 1 rijeka

If you receive an answer, you can use the short name, e.g.:


If you do NOT receive an answer, you have to use the FQDN:



Since all printers share the same printing queue, there are no device specific drivers. A common driver is used instead.

Installation on Mac OS X

The next steps assume that you are connected to the intranet via LAN, VPN or "wpa4fh" wifi!

  1. Go to your System Preferences, Printers & Scanners, click the "+" button on the lower left (Lion: "Add other printer or scanner…")
  2. In the next dialog, do a right-click on the menu bar and select "Customize Toolbar…"
  3. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar and click Done
  4. Click Advanced and wait until the search is done
  5. Type: Windows printer via spoolss
  6. URL: smb://rijeka/GR_Kopierer_Color (server name: see above)
  7. Name: This is the name by which the printer appears in your system. Enter anything you like.
  8. Use: Select the proper driver here (see above). If you installed the optional Canon drivers from above, choose Canon iR-ADV C5045 for color and Canon iR-ADV 4045 for b/w printers.
  9. Add the printer and you're almost done.
  10. When printing your first document, the printer will ask you for your password.
  11. Done.


After sending a print job, walk up to any desired printer and hold your student ID card near the printer's card reader. The print job will then start.

Important: when you're done printing, log out by holding your card to the printer again or by pressing the "ID" button on the printer.